About Us

Kiwi Stamp Art - “Putting New Zealand stamps on show through Kiwiana art”

I developed a passion for stamp collecting at a young age from my parents and have always been interested in the amazing artwork depicted on each of the individual stamps themselves. 

Stamp collecting was once one of the world's most popular hobbies, but interest in the hobby has waned in recent years under the pressures of the modern world. To combat this waning interest I decided to start Kiwi Stamp Art!

Kiwi Stamp Art

    The aim of Kiwi Stamp Art is to get stamps out of dusty albums and boxes and back onto display in homes throughout New Zealand. By recycling vintage NZ stamps into these unique Kiwiana artworks I hope to re-invigorate the hobby, promote stamp collecting to a whole new generation, and make stamps a focal point of discussion once again! I hope you enjoy the artworks I have made, and the individual stamps they are created from!

      Grant Ogilvie – Kiwi Stamp Art Limited